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Post by Admin on Fri 18 Dec - 8:01

1. Do not ask any staff member for items, adena, mobs or experience. Constant harassment will lead to punishment.
2. GMs will NEVER ask for your account information.
2.1 Players are responsible of their accounts. In case of scammed accounts, stolen items will not be given back. Actions will be taken towards scammers.
2.2 Bug abusing, due to get any item or adena, will lead to permanent BAN.
3. To insult GMs is forbidden, players will be punished accordingly.
4. To supplant an L2 High Five Staff member is a bannable offense.
5. To use a GM crest is forbidden, as any other sign related to GM status. Clans or Alliances caught doing it will be dissolved and leaders or players involved will be banned.

1. Account hacking will lead to immediate ban.
2. Players have to be responsible of their own accounts. Avoid sharing your account information. GMs will NOT give back stolen items or accounts.
3. If you do not follow our recommendations and your items are stolen – DO NOT bother the staff to take any action. As we have said before: It is your responsibility to guard your passwords and NOT to share them with anyone

1. Exploiting (using server bugs, and taking advantage from them) is not allowed and will result in punishment.
2. Botting, hacks, modified clients (except custom system messages) or any third party programs are not allowed. Players caught doing it will be punished. It includes buffbots in clanhalls/towns using third party programs ("i can't dualbox" is no excuse). OUR PROTECTION WILL BAN U INSTANTLY.
3. Using racial slurs or sexual harassment is forbidden, if you are caught doing it you will be chat banned for a period of time.
4. Private shops around NPCs, doors and gateways are forbidden. Any shop blocking NPCs use or any entrance will be removed. If the action persists the player will be punished.
5. To move raid bosses from their normal spawn place is forbidden.
6. Having pets/summons in town for extended period of time may lead to punishment.
7. Try to not spam trade/shout char, or you will be chat banned for a period of time.

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